A Guide for Beginners (17)

Different queries regarding hosting after purchasing.

Cloudflare-cPanel (9)

How to manage Cloudfare in cPanel.

CloudLinux-cPanel (10)

Instructions on how to use cPanel to manage CloudLinux.

cPanel-Control Panel (26)

How to manage your website with cPanel?

Create Backup and Restore (4)

Guide for create & restore backup .

Databases (11)

How to make changes to a Database's username and create, update, and delete it in cPanel.

Developer Corner (84)

Technical queries regarding website development.

Direct Admin (48)

Instructions for using the DirectAdmin control panel.

DNS-Nameservers (6)

Update Domain Nameservers at GoDaddy, NameCheap,, DynaDot, LogicBoxes Based Registrar.

Domain Management (10)

How to add, edit or remove Addon Domains, Parked Domains & Redirect Domains.

Email (19)

Instructions for using cPanel Email, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2019 .

FTP (9)

How to create, delete, manage cPanel FTP Account.

Installing a Control Panel (6)

Discover how to set up a hosting control panel, such as cPanel or Plesk etc.

Mail Filters and SPAM (8)

Boxtrap, SpamAssassin, Mail Filter-Prevent Spam.

Mobile (11)

Tutorial for setting up email on iOS Apple/Android, etc.

Node.js and Python Hosting (2)

Tutorials on Node.js & Python

Others (3)

How to build a friendly URL, how to redirect a page, how to fix errors etc.

Plesk (47)

Tutorials on how to manage Plesk, CloudLinux (Plesk) etc.

Security (10)

Knowledge of Password Protected Directory, IP Blacklist, Hotlink Protection etc.

SiteWorx-Control Panel (57)

Tutorials on SiteWorx control panel, SiteWorx Softaculous

Softaculous (68)

How to manage Softaculous Auto-Installer Software.

Software Support (1)

How to manage your website from backend?

SolusVM (18)

How to manage Solus VM, install/re-install an OS, VNC etc.

SSL (7)

CSR generation guides, cPanel AutoSSL guides, SSL/TLS guides etc.

Virtualizor (19)

How-to guide for managing Virtual Private Servers (VPS) using virtualizor.

WHM (18)

Web Host Manager (WHM), WHM tutorial to manage a server, tutorial for Root and Reseller users.

WordPress (20)

How to manage WordPress