If you have a reseller hosting account, WebHost Manager prominently displays system load average information at the top of the page:

WebHost Manager - Load averages

cPanel does not display load average information. However, you can view load averages at any time on a server by typing the following command at the command prompt:

The uptime command outputs the same load average information that WebHost Manager displays.

Here is sample output from the uptime command:

username@a2server [~]# uptime
 21:19:12 up 388 days, 17:32,  0 users,  load average: 5.15, 5.78, 6.58

Interpreting system load averages

So what do the numbers in load averages represent? Let's look again at the sample output from the uptime command in the previous section:

load average: 5.15, 5.78, 6.58

The three numbers are, from left to right, the system load averages for the past one, five, and fifteen minutes. In this case, system load has been slightly decreasing over the past 15 minutes.

The numbers themselves represent the number of processes waiting to use the CPU (or multiple CPU cores) on the computer. A completely idle computer, for example, would have a load average of 0. 

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